Dental Implants

Our visiting implant dentist brings state-of-the-art tooth replacement to Brackley

The life-changing benefits of getting dental implants in Brackley

At South Gables Dental Practice, our experienced visiting implant dentist enables our Brackley patients to access dental implants in-house. The ideal solution for missing teeth, dental implants are titanium posts that mimic the role of a tooth root, supporting a custom-made crown, bridge or denture. Because implants are biocompatible, the jawbone grows around them, permanently anchoring your new teeth, which look, feel and function just like strong, healthy, natural teeth. They have the potential to last a lifetime, and in supporting the jawbone, they also prevent the premature facial sagging that missing teeth can cause. Getting dental implants in Brackley means you can eat and taste, speak and laugh with total comfort and confidence again – music to the ears of anyone who is tired of wearing dentures, or is facing missing teeth for the first time.


Dental implants: the options

Dental implant surgery can address a variety of dental problems:

Single tooth replacement – a single implant can be used to replace a tooth that has been lost, either through decay or by accident.

Multiple tooth replacement – we can replace two or more adjacent teeth by using a minimal number of implants to support a dental bridge. You don’t need an implant for every tooth that is missing.

Full arch replacement – if all your teeth are missing, we can use as few as two dental implants to support a full upper or lower denture. This means you won’t experience any of the inconveniences of dentures, such as slipping, rubbing and removal for cleaning.


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Frequently asked questions

Does it hurt to get dental implants?

Dental implant surgery is high-tech and relatively minor, and you should not feel any pain during the procedure, which is usually carried out under a local anaesthetic.

How much do dental implants cost?

Dental implants cost from £2995 at South Gables Dental Practice, though the final cost will of course depend on your individual case. We’ll give you all the time you need to review a fully costed treatment plan, which will include information and advice about spreading the cost with dental implant finance in Brackley.

Why are dental implants so expensive?

Dental implants are the most expensive single item on any dentist price list because use extremely high-tech materials, manufacturing and techniques backed by decades of research and years of clinical training. However, implants can last a lifetime, so when you compare the potential one-off cost of implants to decades of replacement crowns, bridges or dentures, implants represent a savvy investment.

What does the dental implant procedure involve?

With the help of 3D scanning and a computer-guided dental laser, an implant is surgically placed in the jawbone – a procedure that is so accurate, it involves the least possible trauma and therefore a swift recovery time. Once the implant has been placed, you will need to wait a few weeks for the integration process to take place – this is where your natural bone tissue grows around the implant, securing it in place permanently. While this is happening, we will provide you with a temporary crown. Once integration has successfully completed, you’ll be able to return to South Gables Dental Practice to have your final restoration fitted.