Case 1: Invisalign and replacement filling

This patient received upper arch Invisalign treatment cosmetic replacement of a filling in the upper left central incisor.

Case 2: Restorative treatment using composite build-ups

Composite bonding was used in this case to reshape the lateral incisors – with this ultra-conservative technique, no drilling onto the teeth was required!

Case 3: Invisalign treatment

In this case, simple upper arch Invisalign treatment was used to successfully correct the overlapping of the left central incisor.

Case 4: Single upper arch Invisalign treatment

This patient underwent years of intensive gum disease treatment in order to get dentally fit, to straighten her teeth – which she had wanted for quite a few years!

Case 5: Six Months Smiles upper arch orthodontic treatment

This patient had a retained baby tooth and the upper right canine was displaced further back into the palate. We treated the patient with Six Months Smiles braces after extracting the baby tooth, and completed their smile with composite bonding and teeth whitening.

Case 6: Tooth extraction and lower arch Six Months Smiles orthodontic treatment

To correct protrusion in the lower arch, the troublesome tooth was extracted and the patient was provided with Six Months Smiles braces to align their smile!

Case 7: Six Months Smiles upper orthodontic and composite bonding treatment

After upper and lower Six Month Smiles orthodontic treatment combined with composite bonding, this patient was able to smile with confidence again.

Case 8: Six Months Smiles orthodontic treatment

Upper and lower arch Six Months Smiles braces were used to correct the overcrowding in this patients dentition.

Case 9: Invisalign treatment

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